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Horror GIF of the Week: The Eye

This is SO COOL!

The Year of Halloween

Horror GIF of the Week - The Eye

When Eva asked me to come up with a gif every week and write about it I thought it was the perfect job for me.  I get tired after about 35 words so talking about a little animation seemed to be right up my alley.  I was so excited I ran all the way to my gif folder to find something.

Then she told me she already picked something: this eye.

Eyeball stuff freaks me out and Eva knows it.  She is testing me.  Trying to make sure I am tough enough to, uh, do a…weekly post on her site?  That makes zero sense.  It’s my first day.  Why would she be scaring me with a scary eyeball?  What did I do wrong?  😦

If any of you guys know clue me in.  And watch my back for me.  Eva obviously wants to do me harm!

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