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“I don’t think it was an accident.” Paranormal Activity official trailer

I agree with your last statement however, in my case, I loathed the first, loved the second and thought the third was ok. I’ll probably wait to see the 4th on DVD. Strange little kids can be freaky though, right?? ;d


Here we have the full trailer for Paranormal Activity 4.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think Paranormal Activity was a one trick pony.  I have not been a huge fan of the franchise.  I loved the first, loathed the second, and say the third was ok.  This fourth film doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the table.  Of course, I am only going by what I see in this trailer, but it is not selling me on this being anything new or different than the other 3.  Have a look:

Paranormal Activity 4, which has usurped the Halloween film throne from the Saw franchise, opens on October 19.  Here’s hoping that Sinister is as brilliant as the trailers look and that manages to knock the Paranormal Activity films off their perch.

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Giving Yourself a Hand!

Yeah, This might be a little strange.  While perusing one of my many boxes of Halloween decorations, I came across the one housing my hands.  Well not mine, but those for my creatures.  I wanted to lay them out to see which types I have, which I don’t like, how I may want to use them and which I need to make more of.

The creepy bubbly type skeleton type hands were actually my very first pair made with expanding foam.  OMG, using this stuff is extremely tricky to work with.  I made a pair about 5 years ago and still have little wads of foam stuck to my garage floor.  I’ve learned how to make different, yet similar type skeleton hands since then and need to put a couple together for my grave grabber or cauldron creep. 

The problem with the foam is that it isn’t pliable.  I think I’m going to use the plastic tubing, wire, cotton and latex method for making my new set.  This way they look will be more realistic – skelly looking.  It’s always a good idea to have an extra pair of hands around.  You can never have too many, I say!

Tips courtesy of

After that, I’ll be working on my blucky corpsing.  Unfortunately I haven’t purchased my first official bucky yet (yes I know, I’m bad) but hopefully I’ll be able to nab one after the holidays at a more reasonable price.  In the meantime, I’m still sorting through my boxes, shed, garage and other hiding places in my house where I’ve stashed Halloween supplies I’ve purchased or made during the year.  It’s like trying to find a coccyx in a crypt!

Funny how around Halloween building props and decorating is paramount over anything else.  LOL!  I bury myself deep in my work and burn the midnight oil.  Thankfully, I have an understanding family who give me space and let me delve into my dark world undisturbed.  (I just come up for an occasional breath of fresh air when I need to cook dinner or else we’d all starve!)

 “Listen to them: the children of the night. What sweet music they make.” ~ Dracula

Somehow, I remember seeing this clip before!

The Year of Halloween

Darlings, just a quick song to kick off the final week of September. This is Cab Calloway’s take on “St. James Infirmary Blues” from the 1933 classic Betty Boop cartoon, “Snow White.”  The wildly imaginative animation was created by rotoscoping Cab Calloway’s performance, resulting in the short being named one of the 50 Greatest Cartoons and earning a place in the National Film Registry.

You can watch the complete Betty Boop “Snow White” cartoon on The Internet Archive.

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Get a Grave Grabber to Go!

At the last Make & Take meeting I attended with a group of my friends, we tested a really cool Peppers Ghost projection from  I purchased the Grave Grabber illusion which I will reflect off a tombstone on the lawn.  This will make the zombie girl appear as if she is climbing out of the grave.  See the video below:

I still have to create a background scene surrounding the tombstone, complete with old branches, a dirt pile and some other accessories (maybe a shovel?)  As soon as I figure out which device I want to use to project the image (TV, laptop or video projector), I can test it in the evening.  It may take a little time to figure this all out because the angle of the plexiglass needs to be just right as well as the position of the projector and the color/object I’m projecting off of. 

This is really going to be cool.  I can’t wait to try it out!  There are more videos online.  You can check them out at

Here’s the set up you’ll get:

I have a lot of projects going on and time is getting short.  But Halloween only comes once a year right???  Until next time…

Madmomma’s Rockin’ Granny Bates

  Meet my Rockin’ Granny.  Actually she’s my Rockin’ Mrs. Bates.  Once I put her skull and wig on, she resembles Norman’s mom.  At least that’s my intention.

  I used a wiper motor for the rocking mechanism in the back.  When connected to a power pack, the chair rocks back and forth with an eerie sound.  The motion is a little too fast right now, it rocked her shoulders off last year so I’m tweaking it.

  Once I get her all fired up I’ll post a finished photo and one of the mechanism as well.  By making this prop myself, I’m saving quite a bundle.  Plus it looks more authentic than the ones you can buy at the store.

I have heavier, old fashioned “nun” shoes (no disrespect) for her which will give added weight to the chair.  I need to add a little more bulk around the shoulders, get her head and hair back on and she’ll be ready to rock and roll!  I may exchange skeleton hands for the gloved ones, although I like the look of the old-fashioned lace gloves.  I also may replace the sweater with a shawl; not sure yet.  

I love to see the look on the kids’ faces when they watch granny rock…with horror music playing in the background, fog on the ground and other assorted props going on and off…it gives them quite a nice little scare!   Cool!  Till next time…

Under Way!

  Okay, I tried to pick up more paint today for my tombstones but the two stores I went to were out.  I like to use the spray “stone” effect for my stones (as opposed to flat like many people commonly use.)  The problem is after I attempted to fix some of the lettering, I had to use flat paint as a touch up.  Now they’re half and half and need one more quick coat of stone.

I’ll have to see what I can find tomorrow.  In the meantime, this is a dangerous time of year for me to be alone at the stores.  I am tempted to pick up more Halloween items than I need.  The new products are pretty cool this year.  But alas, I promised my purse I’d hold back.  So into the store I go tomorrow, with blinders on!  Damn, that stinks!

Another Zombie Attack in Pennsylvania

I’m sorry; I couldn’t help but post the following article.  I’m into the whole Zombie Apocolypse fantasy (or reality?) and couldn’t resist. 

Zombies “1”    US Government Administration “0”  –  Go Zombies!

Another Zombie Attack in Pennsylvania.

Gettin’ Ready…

Although this is my first post into my new Halloween blog, I’ve already started working on projects and getting ready for this year’s holiday.  I still have a little bit of catching up on projects I started last year like my new tombstones.  But with another trip to the store (maybe two) for last minute items, I think I’m pretty well prepared to get my decorating under way.

I usually begin outside decorating the first week in October; adding more props as I go.  This year in addition to some new tombstones, I’m tweaking my rocking granny’, adding the new set of LED spotlights I made (with the help of my haunting buddies at, adding some new skellies, debuting my new Spell Book and revising my Witches Cauldron.  Lots to do so I’d better get moving.

Keep checking back for new posts and photos.  Thanks!

Madmomma’s Halloween Haunt

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